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Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

Sarah Palin: Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

In more interesting recent news, it turns out that Sarah Palin pulled a “Bree” a la Desperate Housewives. This article clearly outlines

– the details of her fake pregnancy

– everyone’s astonishment at her supposed state

– announced at 7 months

– photos of Palin clearly not pregnantand an outline of how she supposedly started having amniotic fluids leak, then gave a speech, flew back on an 8 hour flight, left Anchorage, and gave birth to a premature Down’s Syndrome baby in a tiny small town medical center (Yeah right!)

– There are no records of the Down Syndrome baby’s birth

– And more!

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

At the exact same time, her 16 year old daughter (see photos of her, clearly at about 4 months pregnant) suddenly had to take eight months off from high school for “Mono” *ahum* *cough*. Eight months for mono? A common excuse to cover up teen pregnancies. Classmates have testified that they saw her pregnant!

What a pathetic excuse for a VP. I wonder if McCain’s been hitting the weed or something.


Just for the sake of comparison, here is a picture of Sarah Palin when pregnant with one of the previous children, just in case you thought she’s one of those women who just doesn’t show much. (And with each pregnancy, women show more, and faster, and their labor goes father thus making it implausible that she would have boarded a plane in the middle of it)

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

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Dear all,

Though my blog is only a few weeks old, and my visitor stats are not as amusing as some that I have come across in the past, I will nevertheless start a monthly post on most popular and most unusual search terms that brought people to my blog.

Three most common search terms:

1. Zucchini Scones (In response to my recipe for zucchini cheese scones)

2. Brightviolet (Apparently a number of people are very interested in me, or the fairly large number of other people who seem to go by this nickname)

3. Batman Overhyped (I guess a lot of people were looking for others who shared their opinion on Batman)

Three most unusual search terms:

1. Batman hockey pants voice clip (yeah…)

2. Bandon Dunes marijuana (Ehm…)

3. Pics of grandma picking cherries (why???)

Most popular posts

1. Ten Reasons Why the new Batman Movie is  (by hundreds of hits)

2. Scrumptious Zucchini Cheese Scones (They are the best scones I have EVER eaten!)

3. Oh elusive BMW Z3… where art thou?  (PS: I found that Z3, on Ebay of all places, and I LOVE it!)

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McCain makes me LOL. Or ROFL even.

After months of harping on Obama’s lack of experience (esp. in foreign policy), he manages to choose a woman with almost no political experience, zero foreign policy experience ((Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L?), and who spent most of her life as mayor of a little village in the middle of nowhere. College degree? Sports journalism hahaha (in IDAHO too). Not to mention that she is already in the middle of a state ethics investigation for causing the dismissal of a police chief in response to his refusal to fire her cop brother-in-law when the latter decided to divorce her sister and not give her all he owned.

Oh yeah, and McCain HAD ONLY MET HER ONCE! lol

Only Qualifications?

1. She has a vagina

2. She did not abort a Down’s syndrome baby

I think McCain had a little old person’s moment here. And all the more reason he would make a lousy president.

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Today I would like to share something with you.

There is a form of discrimination that is rampant in this country. A type of discrimination that disproportionately affects minorities. Discrimination that can be based on as little as a stupid mistake you made when you were 16 years old, and one that can (and will) haunt you for life.

My husband has a (non-violent) criminal conviction that is nearly 15 years old, and that stems from a stupid mistake he made as a teenager. On virtually every job application, he is asked about a criminal conviction before anything else.

In the last 5 years, my husband has applied for a good number of positions. Every single position where they did not ask about his record, he received a job offer, sometimes even being hired on the spot at the interview. Every single position where they did ask about his record, he did not receive so much as a call back or an email, nothing whatsoever.

In the last three weeks, my husband applied for 11 positions.

9 asked for his criminal record.

2 did not.

He received calls for an interview within 24 hours from both of the two jobs that did not know about his record. The remaining 9 jobs did not call him for an interview, and most did not even let him know they weren’t interested. We just discovered that most (or all) of those 9 positions have been filled, so they will definitely not call my husband.

My husband is hugely overqualified for each of these 9 positions. Conclusion? They are discriminating against him purely on the basis of a criminal conviction that is nearly 15 years old, and that he received as an underage, ireesponsible teenager. I have encouraged him to write these departments, and ask them in a friendly way why they did not call him for an interview. Here is a sample of the letter, which includes their demands, and his qualifications:

“To whom it may concern,

I recently applied for the position of department secretary in the department of Jewish Studies. I understand that the position has been filled. In order to improve myself for the job market, I am curious to hear why you decided not to interview me.

The position called for a high school diploma, one year of office work, proofreading, experience with software, interpersonal skills, etc.

I have a Bachelor’s degree, various years of office work (at a university), several years of providing technical support, a year as V.P. of Technology for a travel corporation, and computer technology skills well beyond those requested. Yet I received no interview or other form of communication.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback, so that I may work on those areas which you feel would need improvement for a similar position. Thank you in advance for your help.”

So far he has received no responses.

But hey, go ahead and vote for more “tough on crime” legislation when your next ballot comes in. There are still kids in America whose lives have not been destroyed yet by an unforgiving society.

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My Question of the Day: Why would a Midwesterner stand in line for 20 minutes for corn?


Today I got my first look at the Bloomington, Indiana farmer’s market. A charming collection of farm stands with ample heirloom tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and more, the Saturday Market offers a great opportunity to buy some (surprisingly affordable) locally grown produce, as well as unusually pretty flowers and delicious crusty bread. I was almost immediately faced with a serious oddity though, namely an absurdly long line (see photo) in front of a single stall. The line was in fact much longer than fitted on one photo. When I asked what it was for, a lady kindly informed that it was for corn. “What?!?” I responded. “Corn!” “Are you seriously telling me that a bunch of Midwesterners, in the middle of the Cornbasket of America, would stand in line for twenty minutes for CORN???” She assured me it was true. I did not bother to stand in line to try out the corn. After all, corn is corn, and it’s more common here than anywhere else in the world. I refuse to believe corn could be worth standing in line for, for twenty minutes, in Indiana.

I was fortunate enough to catch the market on a “Tomato Tasting” day where an array of local heirloom tomatoes was displayed for market-goers to try. Excited as I am about any heirloom tomato, I quickly joined the line for samples. The first tomato was okay, a bit sour for my liking, but not too bad. As I continued along the line though, my disappointment grew. Virtually every tomato was watery and bland. They didn’t even approach the blandest heirloom tomato you’d find at our Eugene, Oregon farmer’s market. In fact, the (local) heirloom tomatoes I’d bought at Kroger’s the day before were much sweeter and boldly flavored than any of these. The only exception perhaps was the Japanese Black Trifle variety from Stout’s Melody Acres. I still bought a pound and a half of various heirloom tomatoes at one stand, in the hope that those will be better.

To my great surprise, there were virtually no food stands. Some plain coffee (to which you can add a little syrup) and a bakery with rather expensive muffins ($5), cookies and other foods, that’s all! Someone could make a killing selling food here. The Eugene Frmer’s Market must have at least 20 prepared food stands… asian foods, mexican, BBQ, pastry goods, lemonade, and so on…) I must say though, my home made ice cream cookie sandwich from the bakery stand was absolutely fabulous, and I intend to buy another one, even at $4 or so a piece.

Highlight of the day: The beautiful flowers at the market (Okay, and the ice cream sandwich. And getting to drive my new Atlanta Blue BMW Z3 convertible on a sunny day). I’m not even sure what some of them were, quite unusual. I don’t like to spend money on flowers, because they die so fast, and the cats eat them, but I enjoyed admiring them at the market, and perhaps I will buy some after all next week. (Note: the flowers in the pic look a little like Carnations from a distance, but up close they are like some strange fuzzy flower carpet, bundled together, very odd)





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We just finished our move from Eugene, OR to Bloomington, IN by car. Husband, three kitties, and one ferret in the car. Clothes, computers and bicycles in the trailer.

The trip took around 36 hours. (Day 1: 13, Day 2: 13, Day 3: 10) Unfortunately we went across several time zones, causing us to lose an additional three hours that we had forgotten to count on. (Total: 2400+ miles)

The states we went through:

Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming (the msot remote place I’ve ever been in my life), Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana

Here are the highlights:




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Reveries are a Hit

Amazing, this site hasn’t been up a month, and already I’m approaching 1,000 views…

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