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Offensive bottles from Herbal Essences

The bottles in question with Herbal Essences' demeaning "jokes".

This morning, as I stood in the shower and grabbed my neon orange bottle of nectarine-scented Herbal Essences shampoo, I discovered something rather shocking:

Each bottle contains an “Herbalhead” joke question that can be matched with the answer on the conditioner bottle.

All good and well: who wouldn’t like more entertainment in the shower? So I read my bottle, which asked me what gem could improve your love life. Curious, I picked up the similarly orange conditioner bottle to discover the matching answer: Diamonds.

Uh… Wait… what?? Are my shampoo and conditioner actually suggesting that most women would prostitute themselves for diamonds? That men just need to buy an expensive gem for a women to get laid? Wow, Herbal Essences, just… wow.

How could anyone at a major corporation, that presumably puts extensive thought into designing and marketing their product, possibly think that such demeaning and juvenile jokes are acceptable and even ‘funny’? In this day and age? Absolutely shocking. You better hope that only kids bother to read them.

And I’m not even going to start on the nudists-volleyball joke that suggests that all nudist are oversexed perverts. I’m simply done with Herbal Essences.

Oh and a piece of advice to Herbal essences: Fire your incompetent designer before more women notice the back of your shampoo bottles.

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I came across the following test that tried to tell me that I am secretly biased towards all kinds of things. The tests cover groups such as thin vs fat, gay vs straight, etc. The makers of the test claim that the tests show a clear bias against black people. Are the testtakers biased though… or the makers???


You’d think Harvard would produce more scientific work… Upon completing my first test, I had a very strong suspicion that I’d been conditioned to associate good with one group, and bad with the other, during the first half of the test. When they are then switched in the second half of the test, this bias endures obviously. This is only natural.

My suspicions were confirmed when EVERY test showed that I have a “natural” bias for one group over the other, this group ALWAYS being the group first associated with good.

For example: When a test associated “fat” with “good” repeatedly in the first half, and “thin” with “bad” (switched in the second half), the outcome was that I prefer fat people. However, this is completely untrue, as I can honestly say that I have a strong preference for thin people. I think obesity is disgusting and unhealthy (especially in the photos they showed), and even though I am fat, I would much rather be thin! Clearly I do not have a preference for fat people.

Oh yeah, and I apparently have a great preference for black people, Jews, and John McCain. While my most staunchly Republican friend apparently loves Barack Obama, according to Harvard.

Ditto every other test!

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Billy Watts, a grandmother of 12 from Murfreesboro, Tennessee found a purse with nearly $100,000 in cash, in the bathroom of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. As an honest (and naive) citizen, she decided to return the money to its rightful owner. Fearful that it might fall into the wrong hands (oh… the irony) she left her number only at Cracker Barrel, with nothing about the contents. 15 minutes later she got a call from the owner. They met up, Billy Watts returned the cash, and declined the $1,000 award after the owner guilttrips her about taking it. Billy Watts is praised as a Good Samaritan and hero in the media for doing “the right thing”.


Now I ask you…

– $100,000 cash

– A purse with no identification or anything in it, just cash

– Left at a cracker barrel (know many rich people who routinely hang around Cracker Barrel bathrooms with copious amounts of cash?)

– The owner insists she needs the money, and can’t really afford to give poor Billy Watts a reward…

So… what kind of people carry copious amounts of cash, in bags with no identification, yet cannot spare a small reward, and hang out in Cracker Barrels? I’ll give you a hint, and it’s in the name CRACKer Barrel. 

Thanks Billy Watts, for not going to the police, or keeping the money for yourself (and I’m sure you could use it), but instead making sure you did the right thing:  Ensuring the drug money drop was successful. Them folks from Tennessee sure are smart.

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The following story appeared in the news this week: 

A love story takes a turn for the tragic, when an Oregon man takes his bride-to-be to the famous “proposal rock” to ask her to marry him. Suddenly, a three foot wave appears and drags her off into the ocean. Soon she disappears into the cold darkness and suffers a tragic death. 


Pretty sad, right? Well… look again!

He? A disgusting heavily balding 45 year old man, who doesn’t look too upset in the video, and undoubtedly met her on an internet-mail-order-bride-website. 

She? 19 years old (now 22) when she began “dating” the middle aged man. Young, poor. Undoubtedly in desperate need of money and an American visa. Only been in America for 2 days. You may call it dating, I call it a very lengthy business arrangement between a prostitute and a gross old guy whom nobody else wants to date.

Tragic? I just call it Karma. 


Scott Napper and Leafil Alforque

Scott Napper and Leafil Alforque

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… I think you should know what Obama’s policy on abortion is.

I am pro choice, and I fully and unconditionally support a woman’s right to choose. DURING THE FIRST TRIMESTER. Abortion during the second trimester is dubious, as babies have been known to survive when born around the end of the second semester, albeit with extensive medical help. Abortion during the third trimester, when the great majority of babies could survive with the proper medical help, is MURDER

Contrary to what American liberals think, most (all?) European countries (which Americans like to call ultra liberal and socialist) do not allow partial birth abortions, and most do not allow an abortion past even the first trimester, let alone second or even third. Partial birth abortions are morally wrong.

Barack Obama has repeatedly expressed support for abortions of all kinds, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy. (See: Freedom of Choice Act) This includes the abortion of an 8 month old fetus, whose birth is induced, after which his or her limbs and head are usually severed to remove the baby from the womb. This “fetus” is a murdered baby who could survive outside the womb (and this has happened in the past with “aborted” babies).

I applaud Bush’s decision, early in his presidency, to ban partial birth abortions, and I strongly urge you to make a distinction between early abortions, and the murder of 8 month old fetuses/babies. 8 months is MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO CHOOSE. Take a stand against Obama’s support for the Freedom of Choice Act!

I would like to share with you this well known testimony from registered nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer, who claims to have been pro-choice before this experience, about witnessing a partial birth abortion:

-- Brenda Pratt Shafer, R.N. 

I'm Brenda Pratt Shafer, a Registered Nurse with 13 years of experience. One day in
September, 1993, my nursing agency assigned me to work at a Dayton, Ohio, abortion
clinic. I had often expressed strong "pro-choice" views to my two teenage daughters, so
I thought this assignment would be no problem for me. 

But I was wrong. I stood at a doctor's side as he performed the partial-birth abortion
procedure-and what I saw is branded forever on my mind. 

The mother was six months pregnant. The baby's heartbeat was clearly visible on the
ultrasound screen. The doctor went in with forceps and grabbed the baby's legs and
pulled them down into the birth canal. Then he delivered the baby's body and the
arms-everything but the head. The doctor kept the baby's head just inside the uterus. 

The baby's little fingers were clasping and unclasping, and his feet were kicking. Then
the doctor stuck the scissors through the back of his head, and the baby's arms jerked
out in a flinch; a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks that he might fall. 

The doctor opened up the scissors, stuck a high-powered suction tube into the opening
and sucked the baby's brains out. Now the baby was completely limp. 

I never went back to that clinic. But I am still haunted by the face of that little boy-- it
was the most perfect, angelic face I have ever seen. 

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Tax Fraud!

Joe the Plumber: Tax Fraud!


The truth has been revealed about “Joe the Plumber” that McCain mentioned dozens of times during the debate with Obama, as a “poor” victim of Obama’s tax policy. To begin with, “Joe the Plumber” was wrong about Obama’s tax plan, since his business would not result in more than $250,000 in income, and furthermore, Obama would offer tax benefits for small businesses, so Joe would actually be much better off.


Here’s the funny part though:

1. Joe the Plumber is NOT ACTUALLY LICENSED to be a plumber, even though he works as one.

2. Joe the Plumber has NOT PAID TAXES FOR TWO YEARS.

3. Joe the Plumber still owes the government a significant amount of money for TAX FRAUD.

4. Joe the Plumber is notorious in his town for working “under the table” so as to avoid paying his taxes.

5. Joe the Plumber admitted on Nightline that he was asked by McCain to attend the Obama rally.

So even though Joe the Plumber has been committing extensive tax fraud for years, he’s still supposedly worried about Obama’s tax cuts, which (if he’d actually gone to school for something he might have realized) are in fact advantageous for Joe. 

Republicans… charming people!

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Gotta love this picture, which is not photo-shopped.

Origin: Last night’s debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.
Cause: Is there an explanation for McCain looking like McClown?!? Senior moment?

John McCain or John McClown ?

John McCain or John McClown ?

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