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Do you have white countertops or a white sink? A white surface with an absolutely impossible stain? Well, I certainly did, up until today. Like many of you, I live in a (rental) home with cheap white countertops and a cheap white double sink. After only three months, the sink in this fairly new house turned from sparkly new white to a disgusting collection of brown stains. 

I scrubbed and scrubbed. Used every possible cleaning method, but still those brown stains would not come out of our white sink and counter. I was almost completely convinced that these stains would never come out, and that I would be paying a hefty replacement fee to the rental company. Desperate to find the solution, I scoured the interwebs. (After all, if the internet doesnt know, then who will?) And suddenly I came across several stories about a miracle cure.

A miracle cure?? Yup. And it’s simpler than you might think. In fact, you probably have it lying in your cupboard right now. What’s it called?


Yup, that silver polish stuff. I admit, I was skeptical at first, thinking my stains were probably worse than those of the housewives who’d used Tarn-X. But I gave it a try anyway. And here is the result, in photos, so you can see the evidence. 


Tarnex used to clean stains from kitchen counter

Tarnex used to clean stains from kitchen sink (Used on left side, not yet on right)



Tarn-X used to clean the white kitchen sink (the "after" picture)

Just in case you didn't believe it from the previous photo, here's the "after" picture: Tarn-X used to clean the white kitchen sink

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