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Colin Powell endorses Obama... ?

Colin Powell endorses Obama... ?

““It’s going to make a lot of news, and certainly be personally embarrassing for McCain,” a McCain official said.”


Apparently, beloved Republican powerhouse Colin Powell is expected to endorse BARACK OBAMA on Sunday… Advisor to the last three Republican presidents and former Army General, Colin Powell is a major force within the Republican Party, and his endorsement of Obama will likely be the final blow to McCain. Ironic, since he had once been thought of as a potential running mate for McCain.

Colin Powell would have been a much better presidential choice. Had he been up against Obama, I would have voted for Colin Powell. Most moderates would have done the same, I’m sure.

Anyway, if the rumor is true (and this is coming from Republican sources: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1008/14665.html ), this will be a slam-dunk for Obama, no doubt about it.


UPDATE: SLAM DUNK! Colin Powell just endorsed Obama!

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