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Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

Sarah Palin: Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

In more interesting recent news, it turns out that Sarah Palin pulled a “Bree” a la Desperate Housewives. This article clearly outlines

– the details of her fake pregnancy

– everyone’s astonishment at her supposed state

– announced at 7 months

– photos of Palin clearly not pregnantand an outline of how she supposedly started having amniotic fluids leak, then gave a speech, flew back on an 8 hour flight, left Anchorage, and gave birth to a premature Down’s Syndrome baby in a tiny small town medical center (Yeah right!)

– There are no records of the Down Syndrome baby’s birth

– And more!

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

At the exact same time, her 16 year old daughter (see photos of her, clearly at about 4 months pregnant) suddenly had to take eight months off from high school for “Mono” *ahum* *cough*. Eight months for mono? A common excuse to cover up teen pregnancies. Classmates have testified that they saw her pregnant!

What a pathetic excuse for a VP. I wonder if McCain’s been hitting the weed or something.


Just for the sake of comparison, here is a picture of Sarah Palin when pregnant with one of the previous children, just in case you thought she’s one of those women who just doesn’t show much. (And with each pregnancy, women show more, and faster, and their labor goes father thus making it implausible that she would have boarded a plane in the middle of it)

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

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