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Now almost three months in, the blog is well on its way, and will soon hit 10,000 visitors!

Here’s an update on the most popular and strangest search terms that led people to this blog in the last 30 days:

Strangest Search Terms:

(I saw better ones come by, but WordPress keeps a limited number stored, so I don’t have them anymore)

1. “how to teach down syndrome not to slap”

2. “palin holding a baby and a shotgun”

3. “palin is using her downs baby to get votes”

4. “does sara palin continue to breast feed”

5. “mcclown presidential debate”


Most Common Search Terms:

1. “McClown McCain” (I rank 3rd in a Google search atm)

2. “McCain McClown” (I rank FIRST in Google atm)

3. “Sarah Palin not her baby”

4. “McClown picture”

5. “cheese zucchini scones”

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Gotta love this picture, which is not photo-shopped.

Origin: Last night’s debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.
Cause: Is there an explanation for McCain looking like McClown?!? Senior moment?

John McCain or John McClown ?

John McCain or John McClown ?

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McCain makes me LOL. Or ROFL even.

After months of harping on Obama’s lack of experience (esp. in foreign policy), he manages to choose a woman with almost no political experience, zero foreign policy experience ((Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L?), and who spent most of her life as mayor of a little village in the middle of nowhere. College degree? Sports journalism hahaha (in IDAHO too). Not to mention that she is already in the middle of a state ethics investigation for causing the dismissal of a police chief in response to his refusal to fire her cop brother-in-law when the latter decided to divorce her sister and not give her all he owned.

Oh yeah, and McCain HAD ONLY MET HER ONCE! lol

Only Qualifications?

1. She has a vagina

2. She did not abort a Down’s syndrome baby

I think McCain had a little old person’s moment here. And all the more reason he would make a lousy president.

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