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As mentioned in my earlier post, Bristol Palin was mysteriously gone from school with “mono” for 6-8 months (reports vary). Aside from this obviously being twice as long or more, as the longest feasible case of mono, more evidence that she did not have mono is now surfacing!

Apparently, Bristol Palin received several (!!) traffic tickets while she supposedly was home with mono. (No, you are not supposed to drive with mono for obvious reasons)

Furthermore, the hospital where she supposedly delivered the baby:

– has no NICU, while the bigger hospital in Anchorage has a special facilities for preemies and Down’s Syndrome, and is close to the airport. Yet Sarah Palin drove on to go to some tiny regional place, an hour away, with waters having been broken for a day already, with no appropriate facilities. That is more than a little unbelievable. Why wouldn’t her doctor have come to see her in the appropriate hospital? Why risk the life of her disabled, very premature newborn?

– the doctor who supposedly delivered the child, is no longer part of the hospital’s staff, even though she was also the Director until just recently!

-that same doctor, Cathy Baldwin Johnson, received an award for Family Doctor of the Year, at the recommendation of Sarah Palin

– and I mentioned before, the hospital’s records do not show the birth of Trig!

– furthermore: Cathy Baldwin Johnson isn’t even an OB-GYN, she’s a common family doctor. Obviously a very dangerous and irresponsible choice for a premature baby with Down’s Syndrome!

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Bristol Palin 4 months pregnant with Trig, late 2007

Bristol Palin 4 months pregnant with Trig, late 2007

So now the McCain campaign “suddenly” reports that Bristol Palin is several months pregnant and will marry the father. This is obviously a cheap way to detract attention from the extensive evidence showing that Bristol Palin is in fact the mother of Trig Palin. (See my other post)  The fact that McCain ignored this rumor, and has not vehemently denied it (which would be the logical response), is further evidence that it is likely true!

Three theories on this announcement:

1. Bristol Palin is “pregnant” but will magically have a “miscarriage” right after the elections. (Or perhaps even right before, so we can all feel sorry for her!) Realizing her mother’s obvious mistake, Bristol will be smart enough to wear a fake belly a la Bree (Desperate Housewives).

2. Bristol Palin and family will adopt another child, cover up the paperwork (as they did with Trig’s birth, of whom there is no record at the hospital !!), and pass it off as her own.

3. Bristol Palin is a teen slut who got herself knocked up again, because her parents are against birth control, right after her previous pregnancy. If Britney can do it, Bristol can do it, right? The baby will be born a month or so “late” (but in reality will be delivered early by C-Section) to make the dates work.

Did anybody need more proof that the Republican abstinence and no birth control policy is a complete failure with teen girls? Even our “future VP”‘s daughter couldn’t keep her hoohah shut.

Oh, and if you think the VP doesn’t matter that much, let’s remember that the average life expectancy for American males is around 73. That means, purely from a statistical point of view, that John McCain is more likely to die than not during his time as president. Good luck with your new moose munching, beauty-pageant-runner-up President who can’t even raise a decent, morally upright child.

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Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

Sarah Palin: Seven months pregnant? YEAH RIGHT!

In more interesting recent news, it turns out that Sarah Palin pulled a “Bree” a la Desperate Housewives. This article clearly outlines

– the details of her fake pregnancy

– everyone’s astonishment at her supposed state

– announced at 7 months

– photos of Palin clearly not pregnantand an outline of how she supposedly started having amniotic fluids leak, then gave a speech, flew back on an 8 hour flight, left Anchorage, and gave birth to a premature Down’s Syndrome baby in a tiny small town medical center (Yeah right!)

– There are no records of the Down Syndrome baby’s birth

– And more!

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

Bristol Palin obviously pregnant

At the exact same time, her 16 year old daughter (see photos of her, clearly at about 4 months pregnant) suddenly had to take eight months off from high school for “Mono” *ahum* *cough*. Eight months for mono? A common excuse to cover up teen pregnancies. Classmates have testified that they saw her pregnant!

What a pathetic excuse for a VP. I wonder if McCain’s been hitting the weed or something.


Just for the sake of comparison, here is a picture of Sarah Palin when pregnant with one of the previous children, just in case you thought she’s one of those women who just doesn’t show much. (And with each pregnancy, women show more, and faster, and their labor goes father thus making it implausible that she would have boarded a plane in the middle of it)

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

One of Palin's PREVIOUS pregnancies!

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