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I can honestly and sincerely say that I am profoundly puzzled by the widespread nearly maniacal defense of this movie. Its flaws are numerous and well exceed the review I posted. Sure it has some moments of excellence, but for the most part I found the movie forgettable, boring, unimaginative, and utterly devoid of original cinematography or writing. Riddled with cliches. The movie owes a hell of a lot to Heath Ledger (and his suicide), because without that performance, nobody would have remembered this flick. 

I assure you I am 100% serious when I question whence all this rabid fandom comes… truly bizarre for something so unremarkable… Tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of impressionable teenagers gobble up the corporation’s viral marketing, throwing around the hackneyed phrase “Why So serious?” on their LiveJournal “I HEART Batman” blogs. Even the craze around ‘Titanic’ was more understandable than this.

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