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Search Terms

Just wanted to share the following list of search terms with you, that led people to my blog yesterday;

Search Views
batmobile 4
batmobile new 3
retard in batsuit 2
future batmobile 2
solitary walker 1
solitry animals 1
sexy man on bed 1
sarah palin 1
zucchini scones 1

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Just wanted to share with you:

The blog hit 10,000 readers yay!

And here is a selection of the odd search terms that people are using to reach this blog. These are all from one single day (yesterday).

trees in bloomington indiana  
“8 month old fetus”  
moslim s e x y  
bristol palin trig mother  
when does batman stand on police car  
down arrow  
batmobile batman begins
salin palin
the new batmobile    

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Dear all,

Though my blog is only a few weeks old, and my visitor stats are not as amusing as some that I have come across in the past, I will nevertheless start a monthly post on most popular and most unusual search terms that brought people to my blog.

Three most common search terms:

1. Zucchini Scones (In response to my recipe for zucchini cheese scones)

2. Brightviolet (Apparently a number of people are very interested in me, or the fairly large number of other people who seem to go by this nickname)

3. Batman Overhyped (I guess a lot of people were looking for others who shared their opinion on Batman)

Three most unusual search terms:

1. Batman hockey pants voice clip (yeah…)

2. Bandon Dunes marijuana (Ehm…)

3. Pics of grandma picking cherries (why???)

Most popular posts

1. Ten Reasons Why the new Batman Movie is  (by hundreds of hits)

2. Scrumptious Zucchini Cheese Scones (They are the best scones I have EVER eaten!)

3. Oh elusive BMW Z3… where art thou?  (PS: I found that Z3, on Ebay of all places, and I LOVE it!)

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