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The following story appeared in the news this week: 

A love story takes a turn for the tragic, when an Oregon man takes his bride-to-be to the famous “proposal rock” to ask her to marry him. Suddenly, a three foot wave appears and drags her off into the ocean. Soon she disappears into the cold darkness and suffers a tragic death. 


Pretty sad, right? Well… look again!

He? A disgusting heavily balding 45 year old man, who doesn’t look too upset in the video, and undoubtedly met her on an internet-mail-order-bride-website. 

She? 19 years old (now 22) when she began “dating” the middle aged man. Young, poor. Undoubtedly in desperate need of money and an American visa. Only been in America for 2 days. You may call it dating, I call it a very lengthy business arrangement between a prostitute and a gross old guy whom nobody else wants to date.

Tragic? I just call it Karma. 


Scott Napper and Leafil Alforque

Scott Napper and Leafil Alforque

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We just finished our move from Eugene, OR to Bloomington, IN by car. Husband, three kitties, and one ferret in the car. Clothes, computers and bicycles in the trailer.

The trip took around 36 hours. (Day 1: 13, Day 2: 13, Day 3: 10) Unfortunately we went across several time zones, causing us to lose an additional three hours that we had forgotten to count on. (Total: 2400+ miles)

The states we went through:

Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming (the msot remote place I’ve ever been in my life), Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana

Here are the highlights:




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