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Tax Fraud!

Joe the Plumber: Tax Fraud!


The truth has been revealed about “Joe the Plumber” that McCain mentioned dozens of times during the debate with Obama, as a “poor” victim of Obama’s tax policy. To begin with, “Joe the Plumber” was wrong about Obama’s tax plan, since his business would not result in more than $250,000 in income, and furthermore, Obama would offer tax benefits for small businesses, so Joe would actually be much better off.


Here’s the funny part though:

1. Joe the Plumber is NOT ACTUALLY LICENSED to be a plumber, even though he works as one.

2. Joe the Plumber has NOT PAID TAXES FOR TWO YEARS.

3. Joe the Plumber still owes the government a significant amount of money for TAX FRAUD.

4. Joe the Plumber is notorious in his town for working “under the table” so as to avoid paying his taxes.

5. Joe the Plumber admitted on Nightline that he was asked by McCain to attend the Obama rally.

So even though Joe the Plumber has been committing extensive tax fraud for years, he’s still supposedly worried about Obama’s tax cuts, which (if he’d actually gone to school for something he might have realized) are in fact advantageous for Joe. 

Republicans… charming people!

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Gotta love this picture, which is not photo-shopped.

Origin: Last night’s debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.
Cause: Is there an explanation for McCain looking like McClown?!? Senior moment?

John McCain or John McClown ?

John McCain or John McClown ?

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